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French Revolution

The electrifying thrill of rotating 360 or even up to 540 degrees at full speed~ Enjoy the non-stop excitement of near-crash with surrounding buildings~



28 people

Usage information

Height : 120cm or more Age : 65 years old or less

Ride Restrictions


pregnant woman

Heart / vascular patient

Disk patient

Please note

1. To wear VR, please put your glasses, earrings and so on in the storage when boarding.
2. When you wear VR, be carefull not to let your hair hang on the head and chin strap.
3. If you feel dizziness or discomfort during use VR, close your eyes.

※During operation, unauthorized removal of VR may cause accidens.

- Magicpass (boarding reservation system) is available for use.

Closed Schedule

Currently, all attractions are being operated normally.

※ In case the outside temperature falls to 5 degrees below zero or strong typhoon or heavy rainfall is forecast

Location Information

2nd floor in west region

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