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Park Information

To ensure your safety and joyful memories, please pay attention to the following rules.


You are not allowed to bring any of these items into LOTTE WORLD Adventure.

To ensure a safe and pleasant park environment, the following items are restricted upon admission.
Along with the listed items, any items that could disturb other guests or that are considered dangerous can be restricted once inside the park.

  • Pets (excluding guide dogs and assistance dogs)

  • Bicycles, inline skates, scooters, kickboards, electric rides for kids

  • Alcoholic beverages

  • Burners, lawn chairs

  • Camera tripods

  • Drones, remote control toys, etc.

  • All kinds of weapons or any sorts of items that can be used as weapons (toy guns, spears, swords, etc.)


Smoking is only allowed in the smoking room.

All sections of LOTTE WORLD Adventure are non-smoking areas.
Smoking is only allowed in the smoking room located behind the Magic Island Bumper Car, and any smoking by minors is prohibited.

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The following actions are prohibited inside the park.

LOTTE WORLD Adventure is a place that should be full of the enjoyment of its many different guests.
The following actions that may cause any of the other guests to feel unpleasant or uncomfortable cannot be carried out inside the park.
Besides, any actions that could disturb other guests or that are considered dangerous will be restricted inside the park. .

  • Any actions that involve the transferring or exchanging of tickets to others and be involved in financial dealings.
  • The displaying and selling of unauthorized products.
  • The distribution of flyers, questionnaires and surveys.
  • The holding of assemblies, speeches and unauthorized events.
  • The filming of weddings and other unauthorized commercial shootings.
  • Costume play that covers the face or can be deemed to be a threat or give unpleasant feelings to other guests.
  • Taking pictures with other guests as if they are performers from LOTTE WORLD Adventure while doing costume play.


Eating from lunchboxes is only allowed at designated picnic areas.

It is prohibited to eat from lunchboxes in normal restaurants, the terrace or the Garden Stage.
Eating from lunchboxes is only allowed at designated picnic areas.

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Please follow the rules when riding attractions.

To ensure your safety, please note the following contents.

  • Ride attractions only after you have finished your food.
  • Refrain from using a camera, a selfie stick or a phone when riding attractions.
  • Please strictly follow the ride policy of each attraction.
  • You can check on the more detailed ride policies of each attraction here.
  • Attractions may stop unexpectedly due to the safety sensor for our guests.
  • Please do not panic if the operation of the attraction stops and wait to be given guidance by the staff.
  • Operation of the attractions can be suspended without notice due to the field or weather conditions.
  • Riding any attractions after drinking alcohol is prohibited.
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There may be broadcast recordings or shootings taking place.

In the park, shootings for various films, dramas, entertainment shows and educational programs take place frequently.
We would like to ask for your understanding that entering or riding some of the attractions may be restricted during the shootings.


If your child goes missing, please follow the instructions.

Do not panic and immediately locate the Lost Children Center.
Once you have provided a description of the child, we will deliver the information to all cast members in the park in order to find the child as quickly as possible.

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Please respect our cast members.

If you see the cast members with name tags, please ask them anything.
We will assist you in as friendly a manner as possible.
Please respect our cast members who are doing their best to provide an enjoyable experience to the guests.
Please refrain from impolite speaking or abusive language even if the cast members make mistakes or are not perfect.