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Flume Ride

Special adventure, depart for the Jurassic Era! Ride a 4-seat log boat into the jungle where dinosaurs from the Jurassic Era come alive and move~

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4 people

Usage information

Height : 110cm or more Age : 65 years old or less

Ride Restrictions


pregnant woman

Please note

- Magicpass (boarding reservation system) is available for use.

- Hold on to the safety handle.
- In case the boat falls down below, don't put your head down; hold on to the safety handle.
- When stepping in/out of the boat, take care not to slip due to the wet ground.
- In case you have back trouble and you are under treatment, you are prohibited from riding because the boat plunge could apply impact.
- Take care not to into the water or lose the valuables that you carry (mobile phone, camera, etc.). In case it is lost during the ride, you may not recover it.
- We will not be responsible for what you have lost or broken due to your carelessness.

Closed Schedule

Currently, all attractions are being operated normally.

※ In case the outside temperature falls to 5 degrees below zero or strong typhoon or heavy rainfall is forecast

Location Information

Behind Garden Stage

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