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Lotty, who nurtures dreams with a bright, warm heart, is the symbol of Lotte World Adventure, the land of adventure and mystery.
He is always honest & courageous; he enjoys adventure and likes to play with children. He is our friend who nurtures his dreams with a bright, warm heart.


Lorry, who spreads warm love, is the symbol of Lotte World Adventure together with Lotty.
She has such a good heart. As a courteous friend, she is always spreading warm love to many people. She is also the pretty girlfriend of Lotty.

  • Captin Gallion

    The captain of a Spanish pirate ship

  • Maurice

    The wine expert

  • Tulloose

    The cat artist

  • Lippy Louie

    The French aristocrat

  • Berger Meister

    The German bulldog

  • Mrs.Berger

    Talkative wife of Mr. Berger

  • Digger donkey

    The faithful mule from Morocco

  • White Bear

    The darling of the North Pole

  • Sharon cat

    The glamorous and pretty cat

  • Fiddler

    The violinist

  • Jenny Hippo

    The happy hippo full of smiles